Alumni Engagement, Redefined


Traditional Alumni Engagement

Uses volume based, outdated communication channels to bombard alumni with impersonal and generic content

Alumties Alumni Engagement

Enables Universities and affinity groups develop their unique brand, targeting alumni who are interested in supporting the organization

  • Identity of the sender, and the communication’s purpose, are unclear
  • Top down approach
  • Antiquated, analog engagement in the digital age
  • Expensive, wasteful, and ineffective
  • Schools and affinity groups define their unique brand
  • Targeted approach
  • Modern, digital engagement to meet alumni needs
  • Share news articles, projects, and events


Traditional Alumni Participation

Alumni have no control over the communications they receive, leading to a disinterested, non-contributing alumni base

Alumties Alumni Participation

Alumni, family, and friends follow groups they're interested in, strengthening their bond with the organization, making them more likely to give back

  • Powerless alumni receive irrelevant information
  • Communication overload creates a disinterested alumni-base
  • Alumni pull away, and stop contributing
  • Alumni select affinity groups they'd like to stay in contact with
  • Alumni receive meaningful and relevant content
  • Alumni make monetary donations to groups and projects via the platform


A revolutionary cloud based platform, seamlessly connecting alumni, family, and friends with the on-campus institutions they're passionate about